Blessed Pope John XXIII Academy is a PreK-3 to Grade 8 Catholic School in West Orange, New Jersey. It is co-sponsored by the parishes of Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Joseph's. Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Joseph's
Saint Joseph's Church

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***Newsflash (5/1/2014) Tonight is our annual Basket Bonanza Fundraiser. The event is being held at the Hanover Manor and tickets are still available and walk-ins are welcome. The admission is $50.00. Come out to a fun night filled with food, drinks and great prizes. We hope to see all of you tonight!***


Please note the following clarification of our policy on cell phones and other telecommunication devices (including but not limited to ipads, ipods, netbooks, notebooks, and cameras of any kind).

The use of computer services at Blessed Pope John XXIII Academy is a privilege, not a right. Students are expected to make responsible, ethical, and appropriate use of computers and information services at all times. Network and computer services include: use of personal and school computers and peripherals, the Internet, campus, and/or e-mail, and all associated software. Students should realize that these services are finite and costly and that time, money, and hardware can be restricted or appropriated when these services are abused. The School holds specific expectations for students at each grade level regarding their use of computers before, during, and after school in either the computer lab, classroom, library or at home (if the school is being referenced). The following Rules of Conduct apply to information services.
·      May use only their password;
·      May not reconfigure or tamper with the network system in any way, or attempt to access or alter files without proper authority;
·      May not unlawfully copy software or information;
·      May not use illegal software;
·      Must cite properly all information that is acquired from electronic sources used in their assignments;
·      Are held responsible for all activity conducted on his/her account or under his/her password at school or at home
·      May not run non-instructional computer games or post to any social networking service on any school-owned computer, server, or network system.
·      Post information on line about the School or pictures of the School or its students or teachers without the specific permission of the Principal.
Failure to comply with these standards of acceptable use of technology will result in the following actions:  suspension or withdrawal of network privileges and/or suspension or expulsion from school. 
Cell phones, other telecommunication devices, and cameras may not be used during school hours including before and after school hours. Teachers will collect cell phones and other devices each morning before school begins and will return them to students at the end of the school day. If a student is found using a cell phone, other telecommunication device, or camera during school hours, the device will be confiscated and the student’s parent must come to school to retrieve the device. If the student is found taking unauthorized pictures or recording videos of the school, students, and/or teachers, the device will be confiscated and turned over to the WOPD for investigation. The student will be suspended or expelled from school immediately. 

Guardian Angel Fund

 Guardian Angel Fund

Every year we lose a few students due to the economic situations of their families. Therefore we have established a Guardian Angel fund to help those families who have fallen on hard times and still want their children to continue their Catholic education at Blessed Pope John XXIII Academy. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help these needy students. All money goes toward helping students with their tuition and any amount, no matter how small, will do good. You may send your donation directly to the school at 8 St. Cloud Place West Orange, NJ 07052 or make a donation on line using your credit card. Thank you. 

BPJ Uniform Requirements

All students from K through 8 are expected to be in complete uniform on the first day of school and every day thereafter. The uniforms should be neat, clean and worn properly going to and from school. In keeping with the uniform, hairstyles should be neat and conservative. Hairstyles not considered conservative include but are not limited to: mullets, partially shaved heads, mohawks (or fauxhawks), lines or designs shaved into the hair, and "tails". these styles are not permitted. Colors other than natural hair colors are not permitted. Boys' hair may not touch the shirt collar. Bangs may not fall past the child's eyebrows. If girls are "growing out" their bangs, they must wear a headband to keep the hair out of their eyes. Students may not have permanent tattoos. Students who have pierced ears may wear one pair of small stud type earrings. Ears are the only visible part of the body that may be pierced. Students may not wear hoop or dangling earrings. This is a safety issue. Large or expensive jewelry should not be worn to school. Students are not allowed to wear make up, nail polish, fake fingernails or tips to school. The school shoe is mandatory. it is a flat soled shoe with safety soles. Rubber soled sneakers (no wheelies) are to be worn with the gym uniform and may be worn with the summer uniform. The school shoe must be worn with the winter uniform.

Students who do not conform to the above policy with regard to uniforms will be considered unprepared for school. The parent/guardian will be notified to bring a proper school or gym uniform for the student so that the student may be admitted to class. Inappropriate jewelry will be placed in an envelope by the teacher and returned to the student at the end of the school day. Nail polish remover will be made available to students who are wearing nail polish. Parents will be expected to address inappropriate hairstyles within 2 to 3 days of notification.

Thank you for your cooperation.  

The Blessed Pope John XXIII Academy Advantage

For all students from Pre-K3 to Grade 8

A quality education in a Christ-centered environment
Religious and sacramental training for all students
World language program (Latin, Spanish, French)
Computer classes with controlled internet usage
Talented and Gifted program/Resource Room
EXCEL (Extended Care Enriching Learning)
Emphasis on math, science and writing
A challenging academic program
Secure and caring environment
Outstanding athletic program
Reasonable tuition


ArkBuilding An Ark is a special program that you will find only at Blessed Pope John XXIII Academy. It is a community building project that includes all of our students from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Each teacher mentors a group of children made up of students from each grade in the school. Just like the animals going into Noah’s ark, our children come two by two from each grade.

First we form a prayer circle and begin, as we do each day, with a prayer. There is time for the students to discuss issues that are of interest to them and to seek support from their group members. Then each group plans a service activity to be accomplished sometime during the school year. They must decide what to do, determine the best way to publicize their endeavor, and if funds are needed, organize some mini-fundraiser to support their project. This is a wonderful way for our students to work cooperatively across grade levels to make a difference in our world. 



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